Welcome to Metamorphic Training

Hello my name is Katy Roulo and I am the Boss!  Okay really I am more like the beating heart behind everything I offer to my friends and clients assisting them in moving forward with there fitness goals.  To all of my clients I am proud and glad to bring fun life changing fitness to you and anyone else looking to change their LIFE!  All change is welcome even if you cannot quite measure it in a traditional way.  Remember you are your own judge of success and if that means just showing up then I will take it and help you move forward from there.

How am I qualified?

I started as a student in athletic training in 2000.  I became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, CSCS, in 2005 and completed my Master of Science in Athletic Training and Certification in 2006.  I worked as a CSCS trainer in 2009-2011, while working in the field of athletic training for 9 years in NY and PA.  I completed my first of many Belly Dancing Body Fitness Trainings in 2015 and continue to add BDBF™ specialties to my resume.

Programs I have been given specific certificate of Instruction in are as follows:

Belly Dancing Body Fitness™, Belly Dancing Body Fitness Boot Camp™, BDBF2™, BDBF™ Lil Genies, BDBF™ Jasmines, and BDBF™ Instructor Trainer.


Additionally:  JtFlex™ (JF™) is offered to improve Joint Strength and Flexibility and JtFlex Lift™ (JFL™).  JFL™ kicks up the joint strengthening up a notch by adding in total body strength movements.

Class and times are available on the Above Class Calendar Tab!  5 Class Punch Cards are available.

Note not all classes are available continuously as some programs are best offered in sessions!

Questions?? Let me know metamorphictrainingtm@gmail.com or (607)738-3013

Our Servicing area is Saint Clairsville, Ohio with our group fitness being held at the Premier Dance Centre 98 N. Market Street, Saint Clairsville, Ohio 43950.