Belly Dancing Body Fitness™

The Belly Dancing Body Fitness™ created by Tricia Truax is formated based around the simple goal of allowing your students to use belly dance as a mystical theme, as well as, bringing a connection to your emotions so that you can dance your life’s story.

 Experience this exhilarating, creative, effective form of low impact, high-intensity type of dance fitness!  Utilizing our signature moves, addicting tribal beats and dynamic Arabic pop music, you will feel moved both physically and mentally!  BDBF classes are offered in 4 to 6-week session groups allowing participants to grow together, get to know each other and gives the instructor some control over the group. Basic moves will be demonstrated at the beginning of a session, but class is a continuous aerobic form of exercise, and the students will follow the instructors lead and all will grow together.  BDBF was created for anyone, all shapes sizes and ages and no experience is necessary to be able to do the workout and feel successful!  Modifications are available for any de-conditioned students.  The 60-minute class takes you through a full cardio workout based on the bell curve method of aerobic exercise in which it progressively gets more intense with each song.  Both choreography and drill types of songs are given.  Floor work is also offered to those able.  Participants will be surprised how they feel just after one workout with a major jolt to the core.  Most can’t believe low impact when they leave dripping with sweat, and empowered by the passion that it brings to all women!



Belly Dancing Body Fitness Bootcamp™ is a new BDBF specialty format that is the first to fuse boot camp style group fitness with belly dance all in a one low impact powerful delivery!  This group fitness program promotes weight loss and cardiovascular efficiency by not only hitting targeted muscle groups with body sculpting exercises but integrates the cardio element of fitness with BDBF cardinal moves.  These moves, in which are quite powerful and feminine, are used as a transition while executing different fitness exercises.  Tricia’s three tiered levels modifications for every fitness level is clearly cued, and all participants can feel successful.  Using your own body weight and at times minimal equipment, this low impact cardio workout also develops strength endurance as well.  Great camaraderie is born in this class without fail as participants experience a new way to exercise and opportunities are prevalent allowing participants work at their own pace and all bond as one.  BDBFBC will also boost your endurance so you can become stronger, healthier, a better dancer or just give you a fun way to get a kick in the “boot”y in fitness……Mystic Style!!!! Soldiers of love…..the BDBFBC troops have officially been born.


Starting this Fall!

BDBF2™ also known as FIRE

Fire  is a belly dance lesson of passion under the program Belly Dancing Body Fitness™.  There are brand new moves not seen in BDBF.  The moves are new, not more complex, anyone new to BDBF can join this class.  It is full of drills and minimal to no choreography.   We will use deep muscle groups to define our isolations and up our game at any level.  There will be a showy move section and a layer ladder segment to move your body to different tempos!!  You can wear your yoga pants or come on over in your favorite Maxi skirt, all fitness and belly dance attire welcome!!  Remember this is your time to shine and feel beautiful.