JtFlex™ JtFlex Lift™

JtFlex™, created by Katy Roulo, is a fitness group class that focuses on building up the strength and flexibility of your joints by focusing on the muscle groups that allow them to move well.  You will see and experience many exercises that one would be similar to a multi body part rehab program.  Each class consists of a warm up, focused workout segment, cool down, and focused stretching exercises.  This combination class exists to better prepare your body for every day activities such as chasing small children or lifting items with good form, along with more intense situations or workouts.  There will be opportunity to sweat in this class but not a required aspect.  Moving through the exercises in good form and building strong flexible joints will be the focus of this class.

JtFlex Lift™ (JFL™), created by Katy Roulo, will be the step up class from JtFlex™.  This class has the ability to have you perform body weight exercises to build strength and endurance.   Taking the ground work from JtFlex™ and building upon it to create an environment where you body will get to build fat burning muscle with a strong base to aid in protecting the joints along the way.  There will be some JtFlex™ moves in the warm up and cool down to maintain all that you have gained while building to something more.  JFL™ will be a faster pace class than JtFlex™, with less rest time between exercises to aid in keeping your heart rate  in fat burning range.

Keep you eyes on our Class Calendar for all the update on our class schedule.