Magma Member:

Being a Magma Member you belong to the most versatile membership that receives the maximum benefits from Metamorphic Training™.  Benefits such as Personalized one on one appointments with your very own certified specialist, membership access to all the group fitness classes offered weekly, membership neighborhood walks with a twist, and many more.*

Marble Member:

Looking for more focused fitness this is the membership for you.  Marble members will have access to 1-2 appointments a week with a certified specialist focusing on specific needs based on your choice package.  In addition to the personalized workouts Marble Members have access to our membership neighborhood walks with a twist and more.*

Quartzite Member:

The life of the party membership!  Group fitness is a great way to stay active burn calories and do it together!  When you chose the Quartzite Membership you will have access to all the group classes Metamorphic Training™ has to offer along with full access our membership neighborhood walks with a twist.*

For more information on Memberships contact Katy at